Web Video Leads To Suspensions At Central

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Atleast four Central High School students have been suspended after an internet video showing a student being harassed came to the attention of school officials.

Fifteen year-old Chris Robinson posted the video on You Tube on Monday. It shows a girl being taunted and a brief fight between two students.

He is one of several students on suspension but he says he did nothing wrong. Robinson says he didn't take part in the bullying and was only recording the incident.

Central's principal, Jody Frost, says by law the school can't give specific details because it is a disciplinary matter. Frost added there may be more suspensions coming.

She says Robinson should have showed the video to administrators instead of flaunting it on You Tube.

Central High School says it tries to monitor students in between classes as much as it can but acknowledges that no school administrators were there to witness this incident.

Frost says she just hopes that the school can get back to normal.

Chris Robinson says he would record bullying again in a heartbeat. He thinks video is helpful in situations like these.

Robinson's mom says she is looking for an attorney to fight the disciplinary action.

According to the school's accountability report that came out on Wednesday, Central High School is the worst in Mesa County when it comes to safety and discipline reports. In the last year there was one felony assault, seven fights and eight incidents where a student had a weapon on campus. School officials say they already have plans to make improvements to those reports.

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