Winter Weather Impacts Many

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Clouds covered the Grand Valley all day Friday, dumping rain and snow. That weather took its toll on several in the valley.

Clouds, rain, and mud are what people across the Grand Valley had to look at all day Friday. For some construction workers, it's what they had to deal with all day as well.

"It just makes a sloppy mess out of everything," said construction foreman Rondi Lynch.

Lynch's group is working on building the new Gold's Gym off Highway 6 & 50. He says the weather slowed his group down all day. It took them nearly an hour to free up a machine that was stuck in the mud.

"It's a mess with all the mud," said Lynch. "The water is our main concern. We already have enough water out here -- it's a swamp."

In fact, the rain caused the construction team so much grief, they had to shut down operations for the remainder of the day.

"There's nothing we can really do about it," said Lynch. "Mother Nature is Mother Nature."

Forecasters from the National Weather Service say a record six-tenths of an inch of rain fell Friday in the valley. That puts the total rainfall for the month at 1.2 inches.

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