New Plan Could Raise One Billion for Colorado Schools

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State Representative Bernie Buescher says the Colorado government is making progress on a plan that would raise money to make improvements to schools across the state, all without raising taxes.

The Building Excellent Schools Today, or "B.E.S.T" plan, would focus on renovating and updating many schools across the state that are old and outdated.

Buescher says the State Land Board owns two acres of land in every township in Colorado. Because the high value of that land, he says it would be sold to raise nearly one billion dollars to help pay for the plan.

"If we make the very best opportunity available for our kids at a young age, we can have a more successful and healthier society," said Rep. Buescher. "Everyone benefits from this."

Buescher says a perfect example of a community who would benefit from this plan is Ridgeway, where the schools are over 100 years old.