Missionary Shooting Hits Close to Home for Mesa State Student

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A day after two shootings claim the lives of five people, many across Colorado are still in a state of shock. For one young woman in Grand Junction, it hits really close to home.

When Mesa State student Jennifer Quimby heard that four people were shot at a missionary training center in Arvada, her heart sank.

"I was just in shock," said Quimby. "I couldn't believe that it happened."

That's because Quimby spent a lot of time there. She was at the training center for three months last year, before she and a group from there went on a mission to Thailand.

While she tries to come to terms with Sunday's shootings, she remembers happier times there.

"The people over there and the staff and everybody was just like family and really welcoming," said Quimby. "It was just a really warm atmosphere and an incredible experience."

She says her time at the center was one of the best of her life, mostly because of the people there with her.

"I made so many life long friends there," said Quimby. "Even a year later, I'm still in contact with them."

Much to Quimby's horror, one of those lifelong friends was one of the two staff members wounded in the shooting.

"He such a great, fun loving guy," said Quimby. "One of my jobs there actually, was to clean his bathroom."

Quimby says she keeps her friends at the center in her thoughts and prayers, and hopes they can find a way to overcome this tragedy.

"It's hard, but they're really there for each other to support each other through it," said Quimby.

Quimby says that once she graduates, she is seriously considering going back to the training center and going on another mission.

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