Las Vegas Bus Stop Shooting

Four high school students and two other people were shot in Las Vegas Tuesday after the students got off a school bus.
Police believe the shooting stemmed from a fight earlier in the day at a high school Campus.

One after another. The young shooting victims were brought to a Las Vegas trauma center.

Some of the victims were alert and talking as they arrived. But one of them according to paramedics suffered a critical gunshot to the stomach area.

Police are convinced the shootings were not a random act of violence. Poplice say the shooters "were waiting for certain individuals on the bus. They were just sitting ducks. As soon as the bus pulled away, bam bam bam."

Evidence gathered at the scene indicates two guns were used. Police found shell casings from a 45–calibur handgun and a 9–mm. Numerous teens were questioned.

Police are still looking at gang involvement or even a love triangle as a possible motive for the crime.

Police are searching for two suspects in the shooting.

Three people were arrested in that earlier altercation at this school.