Family of Church Gunman "Groping for Answers"

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Denver (AP) The family of the man responsible for shootings at religious facilities in Arvada and Colorado Springs over the weekend says they are praying for the victims, their families, and those who were injured.

The parents of 24-year-old Matthew Murray, Ronald and Loretta Murray, say they are “lost in grief as we prepare to bury our beloved son, Matthew.”

They also say they're “groping for answers as we try in vain to understand the events of last Sunday.”

Police say Matthew Murray opened fire early Sunday at the Youth With a Mission Training Center in Arvada, and about 12 hours later at New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

Twenty-six-year-old Tiffany Johnson and 24-year-old Philip Crouse died after being shot at the training center. Eighteen-year-old Stephanie works and 16-year-old Rachael Works died in the shooting at New Life.

Five other people were hurt.

Murray killed himself after he was brought down by gunfire from a volunteer security guard at the church.

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