Governor Visits Iraq, Meets with Guard Troops

During his visit to Iraq, Gov. Ritter had dinner with Gen. David Petraeus, Deputy Chief of Mission Ambassador Patricia Butenis and other generals form the Multi National Force - Iraq.
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Denver (AP) Governor Ritter has flown to Iraq this week to meet with troops from Colorado, and says their morale is upbeat -- and they see signs of progress.

Ritter and two other governors traveled from Washington to Kuwait on Monday before flying into Iraq to meet with active-duty troops, reservists, and National Guard members from the state.

His trip was not disclosed until Wednesday for security reasons.

Ritter said the troops' morale is “very, very good,” and that troops on their second or third deployments told him the situation in Iraq appears to have improved.

The governor also said he knew late Sunday that investigators believed a gunman responsible for shootings at two religious facilities was dead, and was satisfied there was no shooter on the loose.

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