Parents: Dangerous Intersection Near School Needs Stoplight

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Clifton parents say their kids have to cross a dangerous intersection to get to Rocky Mountain Elementary School. The county says a stoplight is in the works but the price tag is too high.

Mesa County told parents and neighbors a light at D 1/2 Road and 32 1/2 Road would be installed by summer, then October and now county officials say the light may not be finished until next summer.

The county says when it put the project up for bid it only had two construction companies offer to do the work and those offers were for three time what was in the budget.

Parents and people who live near the school say you can't put a price on safety. They say the intersection is very dangerous and traffic often goes over the 40 mile per hour speed limit. Rocky Mountain Elementary is a walk only school and parents say for the 500 kids that cross the busy road, next summer is too long to wait for a light.

Mesa County officials say it's not only the budget, they say they now want to wait for the kids to go on summer break before they go on construction. Until the county gets a bid that fits the budget there won't be any construction.

The stoplight plan will go up for bid again in January.

11 News will continue to follow this story and let you know when the stoplight gets the green light next year.

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