Current, Former Rockies Named on Mitchel Reports

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Denver (AP) A number of current and former members of the Colorado Rockies are included in the long-awaited Mitchell Report on drug use in baseball.

Current Rockies pitcher Matt Herges, current first-base coach Glenallen Hill, former infielder Mike Lansing, former outfielder Jack Cust, former pitcher Denny Neagle, and ex-outfielder Larry Bigbie are among the names that the report links to steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

The report culminates a 20-month investigation by former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell. He was hired by commissioner Bud Selig to examine the steroids era.

It's uncertain whether the report will result in any penalties or suspensions.

Selig plans to hold a news conference later this afternoon to address the report.

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