Mesa County Voting Equipment Decertified, Clerk & Recorder Not Happy

The Colorado Secretary of State has decertified the voting equipment used by Mesa County, something the clerk and recorder is not happy about.

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Janice Rich is on her way to Denver to defend the equipment made by ES&S. She says Mesa County is not on an election watch list and she can't see why Secretary of State Mike Coffman wants to punish counties that run successful elections.

The state recently went through a court–mandated recertification process for voting machines throughout the state. They say the equipment used by Mesa County failed because officials were unable to determine if the devices worked and they found security risks.

Rich says if this was the case, why did Coffman appropriate more than $800,000 to the counties "Help America Vote" fund. She also cites the equipment was federally and state certified in 2005 and 2006.

On Wednesday Rich will meet with Coffman to discuss the review.

Roughly 75% of the jurisdictions in Colorado now have decertified election equipment.

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