Lawmakers Expected to Okay War Funding Bill

Today in Washington, house lawmakers are expected to okay more war funding.

Frustrated anti war democrats vented.
President Bush would get the unrestricted war funding he'd asked for: another seventy billion dollars for Iraq and Afghanistan with no timetable for pullout

The vote came after a bruising floor fight

Democrats tried and failed twice to tie the war funds to withdrawal

The house is expected to follow suit and approve today a patch on the alternative minimum tax, threatening millions of middle income workers
Many democrats had wanted to close tax loopholes to pay for the fix. Republicans are poised to prevent it.

Democrats are claiming victory on the energy bill

The bill calls for the first increase in fuel economy standards in more than thirty years to 35 miles a gallon on average by 2020.
The bill also boosts required use of corn–based ethanol and biofuels and more efficient appliances and lighting no more incandescence, for instance, by 2014.

Aides say president bush will go to the energy department to sign the bill