Missing California Family Found

Alexis and Joshua Dominguez stepped out of the chopper and were immediately enveloped in a cluster of well-wishers carrying heavy blankets, Dec. 19, 2007. (CBS)

A California family missing since Sunday in the snowy mountains near Sacramento has been found alive. Click on the video icon to see the story.

Freddy Dominguez describes the three harrowing days he and his children endured in blizzard conditions when they got lost Sunday in the mountains outside Sacramento.

Fred, 18 year old Chris, 15 year old Alexis, and 12 year old Josh went to the forest to cut down a Christmas tree. Within a few hours, the weather took a turn for the worse.

With no food and no heavy clothing, the family found a culvert under a bridge where they huddled together. Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, a CHP rescue helicopter spotted Freddy Dominguez waving near a snow covered bridge.

Wednesday night, the family was released from the hospital in good condition, and Chris Dominguez only had one thing on his mind.

Their rescue was the Christmas miracle the children's mother, Lisa Sams, and the rest of the family had been hoping for.

For this family of faith, it seems this angel wasn't the only one watching over them this holiday season.

Rescue workers say all four appeared to be in remarkably good condition despite what happened.