A Soldier's Christmas

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One Orchard Mesa family got their Christmas wish early when their son, who was serving in Iraq, was able to come home for the holidays.

Army Specialist Cody Boden remembers this time last year, when he was serving in the heart of Baghdad.

"We ate what you could call a dinner," said Specialist Boden. "I wouldn't call it a very good dinner, but we ate dinner, then I got back to the phone and called my parents to wish them a Merry Christmas."

This year, he gets to Merry Christmas to them in person. His parents say it's their Christmas miracle.

"We have all of our friends and we have all of our family," said Cody's mother Anna Marie Boden. "There's nothing else that's needed."

Specialist Boden is no stranger to miracles. He says it's a miracle he made it out of Iraq alive.

In January of this year, an IED exploded near hit unit, leaving a huge piece of shrapnel in his helmet and other bits stuck in his shoulder. In June, he was in the hospital again after a truck carrying explosives crashed into the building where he and his unit were staying. That time he was placed on life support.

"To try to convince your mother and your father the second time that you're truly truly okay, they're just tired of hearing it," said Specialist Boden.

The fact that he was seriously injured twice and lived to talk about it makes his return all the more meaningful to those close to him.

"That was pretty hard for all of us not being able to see him knowing he did get hurt," said lifelong friend Christopher Boden. "It's good to have him back and in good shape."

The Army gave Specialist Boden two purple hearts for his service. He says, however, that biggest award is getting to spend time with family and friends.

"Everybody's enjoying his time here," said Cody's father Marty Boden. "I hope it just doesn't go by too fast."

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