Christmas In A Jail Cell

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Many families are gathering together celebrating a White Christmas this year, and with a packed county jail, there is family and friends out there that are missing a loved one.

Darin Gaskill is an inmate in the Mesa County Jail. He’s an alcoholic serving a nine month sentence in the Mesa County Jail for a DUI and while he doesn't like the idea of celebrating Christmas behind bars, he's glad that this holiday was taken away from him and not somebody else. He says, "there's a family out there having Christmas that I didn't interrupt, because its my belief that I could've killed someone.”

Gaskill sees his sentence as sobering and fellow inmate Virginia Harrel feels the same way. She says she feels healthier now then she has in a long time.
After Harrel lost her mother she began overdosing on pills and now her daughter is left without a mother on Christmas. She says she was thinking of calling her daughter in Glenwood Springs but doesn’t want he to know that her mom is in jail.

The staff at the Mesa County Jail is making an effort to deck the halls they have put up decorations and even a Christmas tree. The inmates do get one present donated by the prison ministry, it’s a gift bag with some treats and scriptures, but Gaskill says this Christmas he got the best gift he could hope for, "i'm drawing sober breath, and you can really be grateful." Gaskill’s wish is that others can learn from his mistakes, and that's what he's giving for Christmas this year.

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