After Holiday Shopping

Thousands of Americans will be back at it. Heading to the mall, hoping to take advantage of after Christmas sales, and maybe trade in those gifts that weren't a hit.

It's that annual ritual, not the trek to grandma's house, but the trip back to the mall.

For thousands, this is the day to take it back, and take advantage of after Christmas sales. Retailers are expected to slash prices after what looks to be a lackluster holiday season. According to a division of MasterCard, sales rose just 2.4 percent this year, on the low end of forecasts, but not unexpected.

There was a last minute surge in shopping last weekend, but it seems that couldn't erase concerns over high gas prices and questions about the economy.

So, starting Wednesday those malls will try to lure shoppers back, banking on deep discounts to make their registers ring, hoping it’s not too late to turn this into a green Christmas.

According to the national retail federation, consumers are expected to spend a total of $26.3 billion in gift cards this holiday season. That's up significantly over past years, and those sales aren't recorded until the gift card is redeemed

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