Escaped Tiger Came From Denver Zoo

This undated file photo provided by the San Francisco Zoo shows Tatiana, a female Siberian tiger. Tatiana, the tiger that mauled a zookeeper last year escaped from its pen at the San Francisco Zoo on Tuesday Dec. 25, 2007, killing one man and injuring two others before police shot it dead, authorities said. (AP Photo/San Francisco Zoo, File)
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San Francisco (AP) The escaped tiger that killed one visitor and mauled two others in San Francisco came from the Denver Zoo.

The 300-pound Siberian tiger escaped from is enclosure and was loose on zoo grounds near closing time on Christmas day when it attacked. The female tiger was the same animal that ripped the flesh off a zookeeper's arm just before last Christmas.

She arrived in San Francisco a few years ago from Denver with hopes she would made with a male tiger.

Siberian tigers are classified as endangered and there are more than 600 of the animals living in captivity worldwide.

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