Presidential Race Push As Iowa Caucus Approches

Seven days now until Iowa kicks off caucus voting that will narrow the field for president.

It is a tight, tough race on both sides.

John McCain returned to Iowa hoping his resurgence elsewhere catches on.

It's the latest sign of a wide open GOP race: mike huckabee in Iowa burnished his conservative appeal, bagging a pheasant in a hunt for votes. This was a joke.

Rudy Giuliani is bagging the early states in favor of later primary Florida,
And Mitt Romney is trying to hang on, his poll numbers falling and stakes rising.

The democrats have dropped soft Christmas talk in a final push
Barack Obama speaks to voters in Des Moines this morning
Hillary Clinton made a rare campaign stop with both husband Bill and daughter Chelsea

A new ad for her stresses strength and experience

And John Edwards has been building his base in rural Iowa: a three person deadlock

All the candidates, looking for momentum from the leadoff contest a week away.

So these last appeals for votes sound a bit more urgent. On both sides, it's the most wide open presidential race in half a century.