Mervyn's Closing Leaves Shoppers, Charities Empty-Handed

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After more than two decades at Mesa Mall, Mervyn's announces it will be closing its doors for good by the end of February, and it's not just the shopping there that will be missed by many in the Grand Valley.

"I do a lot of shopping there," said longtime shopper Virginia Saunders. "I have from day one."

Since it opened in 1983, people like Saunders say Mervyn's became part of her normal shopping routine. The store is loved by many for its sales and products, as well as its staff.

"I've known people in there forever," said Saunders. "Once you start, you kind of become a family."

But now, that family is getting ready to part ways. The news doesn't come as a shock to some.

"Considering that the other stores have been closing, it seemed like it was only a matter of time," said shopper Laura Sachs.

The closure might have the most impact on those who have been helped by the store's charity.

"This is pretty heartbreaking for families as well as Mesa County Partners," said Partners spokesperson, Tammie Rupe.

Several years ago, Mervyn's called the Mesa County Partners and asked if there was a way to help the underprivileged kids the charity worked with.

"Two hundred families have gone through our holiday shopping spree as well as our back to school event," said Rupe.

The shopping sprees at Mervyn's give kids a chance to get new clothes and shoes that they would otherwise not be able to afford.

"They're great, wonderful people," said Rupe. "Very giving and very supportive."

Now with no store to go to, Partners, like many shoppers, are left hoping for the same thing.

"I hope they can replace it with something good," said shopper Cheryl Martin.

In a news release, Mervyn's says it chose to close the store because it wants to focus on investing on its core, high-growth markets in the West and the Southwest.

Mesa Mall officials say they will hopefully be able to make an announcement about the space's future after the first of the year.