Woman Says Her Identity Was Stolen

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A Grand Junction woman says she had her identity stolen and now she's wanted for a crime she says didn't commit.

Lori Ann Corporon got a big surprise when she went to buy a gun for Christmas, deputies showed up and started questioning her.

A background check at Sportsman's Warehouse pulled a warrant for felony larceny attached to her name and the Colorado Bureau of Investigations alerted Mesa County deputies.

One of the deputies who responded recognized Corporon from as a prior acquaintance and when he looked at the information on the warrant it didn't match up.

The warrant out of El Paso County is for a theft of over $1,000.

The name listed on the warrant is Lori A. Stone–Erdman. Lori Coporon says she had a previous married name of Lori A. Stone but other than a name she says nothing links her.

Coporon says the warrant listed the suspect as 5'6" and she is 5'4" and the suspect was listed as having blue eyes and brown hair, while she has brown hair and brown eyes. She says the birthdays and social security numbers also didn't match.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says it can't comment on the warrant because it's under investigation but Sgt. Jeanette Whitney tells 11 News these things can happen, but it's unclear how often.

Whitney says all Corporon can do is appeal the warrant through the Colorado Bureau of Investigations, but deputies deputies could still arrest her and extradite her to Colorado Springs.

Corporon is filing an appeal with C.B.I. and has filed an identity theft complaint with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.

She was told it could take weeks even months to process. Until her name gets cleared she says she is scared she might get pulled over and taken to jail.

Corporon says it may be the least of her worries but she still can't purchase a gun until her appeal is processed.

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