State Rep. Reacts to the Voting Saga

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The saga of voting machine issues continues as Secretary of State, Mike Coffman, changes his mind yet again as to how we'll vote next November.

This time he's saying the law requiring Colorado to certify the electronic voting machines should be dropped, and instead the state should rely only upon federal certification.

This two weeks after Coffman uncertified 75% of the voting machines in Colorado, and then on Wednesday saying November's election should be an all paper ballot.

Local State Representative, Bernie Buescher has one word for the voting machine situation; frustrating.

He feels there has been a lack of partnership between the Secretary of State and Clerks and Recorders.

Rep. Buescher doesn't want Colorado to be the Florida of 2008 and is intent on not letting that happen.

He says he's talking with people on a daily basis to find a solution, hoping that once the session start in January, it's a problem legislators will look to take care of first thing.

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