Keeping Warm in Cold Temperatures

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One week into the official start of winter, everyone across the Grand Valley is feeling it, as temperatures continue to stay well below freezing.

If you look outside, there's still a few remnants of the recent winter storms that left almost ten inches on the ground in the Grand Valley. Even though most of the snow is gone, winter is still rearing its head in town.

"We can get below zero lows during this time of year," said meteorologist Aldis Strautins.

Meteorologists at the National Weather Service say these cold temperatures are normal for the end of December and into January, the coldest time of the year on the Western Slope.

They say highs during the day usually stay in the teens and twenties, meaning people need to take a few extra steps to get ready before they go out.

"Dress warmly," said Strautins. "If you're traveling, be prepared for winter weather while you're driving."

That's just what many walking around downtown Grand Junction did.

"The weather is not so bad as long as you dress warm," said downtown shopper Dan Thomas. "We just wear warm clothes and still go out and have fun."

For some, it takes a little more than warm clothes.

"It definitely helps to have a warm coffee," said downtown shopper Mary Thomas. "A nice, warm latte."

Those who have to work outside say they don't have much of a choice but to deal with the temperatures.

"The beginning of the season when it starts to get cold bothers you," said John McDermott, who repairs and maintains fire hydrants. "Then you just get used to it and you just have to get out there and work at it."

It's not just people who need to prepare for the cold. Even McDermott's pug Yoda had to put his sweater on before he could go outside.

"He has a full parka," said McDermott. "He had a full Christmas outfit this year too, but he didn't like that very much."

If the crowds of people out and about this weekend are any indication, the cold weather doesn't seem to bother most. In fact, some say it's just what they want.

"I haven't got enough skiing in yet," said Dan Thomas.

The National Weather Service says this December has been the wettest on record here in Western Colorado, and that the total snowfall ranks in the top ten all time.

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