Top Headlines in 2007

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We cover everything from political stories to weather to crime, even stories called in by you the viewer. So for the last day of 2007 we thought we would bring you another look at some of the local stories that made headlines in 2007.

Paige Birgfeld
Search crews spent thousands of hours combing hundreds of acres of land looking for Paige Birgfeld. The mother of three went missing in June. Investigators discovered she was leading a double life, running an online escort service. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office named a sole suspect, Lester Jones but says it has no plans to arrest him. No body has been found.

26 ½ Road Crash
In August a semi bursts into flames. The driver fell asleep and crashed into the 26 ½ Road overpass on Interstate 70. Two people died in the crash. The bridge was shut down for more than a month for repairs.

Crane Accident
In March a 210 foot crane came crashing down. The force crushed a car and a construction worker suffered a broken leg. An O.S.H.A. investigation found the crane operator made a mistake with the emergency brake.

Moore Case
District Attorney Pete Hautzinger says it's the worst case of child abuse he's ever seen, but the state's case against 21-year-old Brandon Moore is still not over. Moore is accused of beating his two- year-old stepson to death. Deputies arrested him in July. He's set to go to trial but right now he's out on bond.

Norman Hsu
Grand Junction made national headlines in September when disgraced Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu fell ill on an Amtrak train and ended up in St. Mary's hospital. He was moved from the hospital to the jail and then to the courtroom to face extradition to California. He'd been on the run for 15 years, wanted for embezzling millions of dollars.

Rockies Play in the World Series
2007 will always be remembered as the first year in history that the Rockies made it to the world series...even a ticket debauchle can't take that away.

Catch and Release
It was catch and release in August. We asked the tough questions when we found out the Colorado State Patrol was stopping illegal immigrants just to let them go. I.C.E. left troopers stranded on the side of I-70 several times and after our report local lawmakers vowed to fight the problem.

Mesa State Students Killed
The Brock family lived a nightmare in March, they buried their own son. Jacob Brock and his 19–year–old girlfriend Jennifer Kois were killed when a drunk driver, running from police rammed into their car. Patrick Strawmatt plead guilty to killing the two Mesa State students. He was sentenced to 72 years behind bars and ordered to pay $17,000 dollars to the victims' families.

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