Worldwide New Year's Celebrations

We’re ringing in the New Year, around the world, around the clock.

Close to a million revelers packed into New York’s Times Square where the city marked a century of ball drop celebrations.

The much anticipated descent of the crystal covered ball delivered a multi colored light show, along with a fury of fireworks.

The worldwide welcome to 2008 kicked off in Australia, millions of revelers lined up along Sydney harbor and were treated to a dazzling fireworks display.

In china, the sight of the 2008 Olympics, thousands celebrated in Beijing with a full array of light shows projected on jumbo video screens.

In Japan, bells and balloons wowed the crowds at a temple near Tokyo
And in Europe, France’s iconic Eiffel tower served as the centerpiece for celebrations.

Back in the US, from Times Square to Las Vegas and LA, Americans turned their sights to 2008. Midnight revelry from coast to coast that now gives way to New Year’s resolutions.