DUI Accident Leaves Clifton Family With Wrecked Car, Yard

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It was a busy New Year's Eve for law enforcement as they cracked down on drunk drivers. At least three men were arrested for DUI, including one who left quite a mess for one Clifton family.

Authorities say 33-year-old Christopher Kralicek was driving down D Road near 30 Road when he hit a guard rail. They say he bounced off the railing, swung across the road and hit a wooden pole.

Next, investigators say, he drove along a ditch on the side of the road, which sent a rock flying through the window of a white Chevy Tahoe. He also left a dent in the bumper of the SUV.

They say he continued to drive forward after hitting the car and flattened several trash cans, knocked over an evergreen treen, and ripped out a fence and crashed into another tree at 3106 D Road.

After crashing into the tree, authorities say he got out of the car and took off on foot. Mesa County sheriff's deputies caught him a quarter of a mile away, in front of 3122 D road.

Colorado state patrol will be taking him into custody after he is released from the hospital.

It was extremely unpleasant for the Biehle family, whose yard and SUV were left wrecked by the incident. They say this is the third time since they've lived in the house that someone has lost control and gone flying into their yard, taking out trees and fences along the way. It's to the point where they say they're just getting used to it.

"I just put six-hundred dollars worth of windows in my Tahoe," said Jerry Biehle. "Now I've got another window and a back bumper torn on it, so it kind of aggrevates me."

Aside from the damage to their car and their yard, the Biehles say they're extremely upset by the loss of their evergreen tree. They say it meant a lot to them as they planted it nearly 30 years ago.

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