Smoking Law Now Applies To Casinos

Denver (AP) _ a smoking ban takes effect in Colorado’s casinos
starting Tuesday.

Casinos in the mountain towns of Black Hawk, Central City and
Cripple Creek were originally exempted from a statewide smoking ban
That took effect in 2006. But, after getting to smoke one last time
On New Year’s Eve, gamblers will have to step outside for a smoke
starting at eight this morning.

Already, Central City and neighboring Black Hawk have loosened a
State restriction on how far smokers must be from building
Entrances before they light up.

State law requires smokers to stand at least 15 feet away from
entrances, although home-rule municipalities can change the

Central City and Black Hawk reduced the required distance to an
inch. In the casino town of Cripple Creek, the restriction is still
15 feet.