Colorado Homeland Security Grants Not Tightly Monitored

Denver (AP) _ A federal audit has found that Colorado officials
failed to tightly monitor how they spent more than $156 million
in federal homeland security grants from 2003 to 2006.

The report by the Department of Homeland Security's Inspector
General found a quote "significant leadership and oversight void''
and concluded that the state's homeland security plans were

It found that local security officials failed to meet on a
routine basis, didn't review federal grant applications and didn't
formally evaluate grant applications from state contractors.

Mike Beasley, who worked to distribute security grants under
former Governor Bill Owens said he asked for a state audit of the
program in late 2004, and executed every recommendation. He says the
homeland security system is a frustrating one since federal
procedures change frequently. He says that puts pressure on local
officials trying to implement security plans.