The Cold Weather and Your Pets

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During the cold winter months, the Mesa County Animal Shelter is flooded with calls from concerned citizens about pets being left outside.

Penny McCarty with Animal Services says callers are concerned with the dogs not having shelter, food, or water.

She says they take every call seriously and investigate, but most of the time there isn't a problem with the animal.

Some tips for cold winter months:
-If you leave your dog outside, make sure it can handle the cold. Some breeds and sizes handle the cold better than others.
-Make sure your pet has a shelter to keep it out of cold or wet weather.
-Feed your dogs more than normal during the winter to give them a little more fuel.
-Most importantly make sure your pets water isn't a brick of ice; change the water daily.

The Mesa County Animal Shelter does encourage anyone who thinks an animal is being mistreated to call.

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