Mesa County Gears Up for Colorado Caucus

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With the state caucuses underway, Election 2008 mania is in full swing. In February, that mania will be spreading across Colorado.

The presidential trail is heating up as the Iowa caucuses come to a close and the candidates are turning their attention towards New Hampshire.

But people in those states aren't the only ones excited for what's to come. The Colorado caucuses have been bumped up to February 5.

"I'm pretty excited with the fact that caucuses are moved up," said Mesa County Republican Kent Baughman. "We'll actually have a voice to be held on Super Tuesday."

Super Tuesday is a day that can make or break a candidate's campaign as several states across the country hold their caucuses. Both Mesa County Republicans and Mesa County Democrats say that's exactly why people need to come out and participate in this year's caucus.

"Become a part of the scene rather than sitting on the sidelines and letting someone else make the decisions for you," said Mary Beth Pyle, Chair of the Mesa County Democrats.

On Super Tuesday, any registered member of either party can meet up in their precinct. There are 82 precincts in Mesa County. Each precinct will vote for a delegate to represent them.

"These delegates that are elected at the caucuses will vote for the candidates at the County Assembly," said Baughman.

At the County Assembly, delegates choose the candidates who will show up on the primary ballot. Colorado primaries take place in August.

"It's an exciting process and it's a lot of fun," said Baughman.

As far as the presidential race is concerned, each party will ask their delegates who they want to support. The Mesa County chairs of each party will then have to report the votes to the state chairs of their parties, and that will determine who wins in Colorado.

In a crazy year full of tight races, that might be easier said than done.

"There really is not a front runner, so to speak, that's clearly a front runner in either party," said Baughman.

"I haven't decided on a presidential candidate yet," said Pyle. "I'm waiting to see what comes up."

Both parites say they will be releasing the locations of the precinct caucuses in the coming week.

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