City Paying XCEL for Lights that Don't Work

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Some folks say taxpayer dollars are going down the drain while the city pays XCEL Energy for street lights that don't work.

XCEL says it's known about the problem on Riverside Parkway at 29 Road and 9th Street for several months.

The power company says the shorter pedestrian lights were vandalized, and it's working to get "vandalism proof" lights with cages over them.

It says the taller lights have a manufacturing problem, a power surge that blows some of them out.

They say all of these problems won't get fixed overnight but some folks say they've had long enough.

While the lights aren't working, the City of Grand Junction is paying a monthly service fee of around $600 a month.

Public works officials say they're aware of the problem, and are working with the energy company.

XCEL Energy says it could be months before they work out all the kinks.

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