Utah Bus Crash: Investigation Will Be In Grand Junction

Investigators have recovered a camera and data recorder from inside the bus that crashed in southeastern Utah on Sunday, killing nine people.

The investigation as to what that camera holds will begin right here in Grand Junction.

All of it, belonging to the fifty one passengers on board the charter bus, which crashed in southeastern Utah, on its way to Phoenix. Everything is muddy and torn up.

Workers at S and S Garage had the task of unloading and sorting it all. They also took phone calls from passengers' relatives, wondering if their things have been found.

Workers towed the bus to their shop in Green River. This is a temporary stop before the Utah Highway Patrol moves it to another shop in Grand Junction, Colorado where they will begin the investigation.

A camera may contain images recorded seconds before and after the crash. It was mounted on the windshield, and was pointed outside and on the driver. Investigators are trying to download the images. They're also looking at a device on the bus' engine, which is similar to a black box on an aircraft. If it was turned on, it could contain valuable information, such as the speed of the bus at the time of the accident.

Investigators say the bus driver could face charges.

The National Transportation and Safety Board is also investigating.

We'll have the latest on the coverage when the investigation begins in Grand Junction.