Fort Carson Military Investigation Of War Crimes in Iraq

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Fort Carson, Colo. (AP) _ A murder investigation in Colorado
Springs has sparked a military investigation into possible war
crimes committed by Fort Carson soldiers in Iraq.

Private first class Bruce Bastien junior says he and another
soldier randomly fired at Iraqi civilians while patrolling Baghdad
neighborhoods. He says they used stolen AK-47 military rifles, a
weapon used by insurgents, to shoot civilians because of their
distinct sound. In court documents filed yesterday, Bastien is
quoted as telling an army investigator they could claim they came
under enemy fire if anybody asked about the gunshots.

Bastien and former soldiers, 24 year old Louis Edward
Bressler, of Charlotte, North Carolina, and 24 year old Kenneth
Eastridge, of Louisville, Kentucky face charges in the December
death of specialist Kevin Shields. Bastien and Bessler face charges
in the August death of private first class Robert James.