Voting Machines Certification Disputed

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Denver (AP) _ Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman has begun
backing off his landmark decision to decertify most of the state's
electronic voting machines, and his authority is under fire.

Denver's Clerk and Recorder Stephanie O'Malley says sequoia
voting system's electronic voting machines were mistakenly judged
unfit by Coffman. Coffman has told O'Malley he would likely certify the machines also used by major Front Range counties such as
Arapahoe and Pueblo, if the counties appeal his original decision.

Coffman’s spokesman, Richard Coolidge, didn't dispute O’Malley’s account, but added no decision has been made on the recertification.

The revelation comes as two western slope state legislators say
they had lost confidence in the republican secretary of state's
ability to steer the state out of the elections crisis he began
last month.