Co2 Cartridge Blows Up In Boys Hand

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A tragic accident sends a young boy to the hospital.

The accident happened at around 10 a.m. Thursday on Glade Park at 12 510 B.S. Road.

Officials are being tight lipped about the incident, but tell 11 News that a 13–year–old boy was playing with a co2 cartridge when it blew up in his hand. The boy then ran to a neighbor's house for help and the neighbor called 911.

The boy was rushed to St. Mary's Hospital where his condition is unknown. The neighbor says the explosion blew the skin off the boy's hand.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office says they are not investigating, and are calling it an accident.

It's unknown why the boy had the cartridge and why it exploded. 11 News is also trying to find out why the boy was at home on a school day.

According to manufacturers co2 cartridges can explode if not used correctly.