Fort Carson Soldier Accused of War Crimes

Fort Carson, Colo. (AP) _ A soldier's claim that he and another
soldier randomly fired at Iraqi civilians while they patrolled
neighborhoods in Baghdad is unfounded.

Army investigators say their investigation has found no credible
information or evidence to substantiate the allegations.

Private first class Bruce Bastien junior told investigators he
and another soldier used stolen AK-47s to fire on civilians, saying
the distinct sound of the rifle favored by insurgents allowed them
to claim they had come under fire.

Bastien faces first degree murder charges in the slayings of two
soldiers and made the allegations after his December arrest in one
of the slayings. He and two former soldiers face charges in the
December shooting death of specialist Kevin Shields, while Bastien
and one of those former soldiers face charges in the Aug. 4
shooting death of private first class Robert James.