Mesa County Search and Rescue Trains with Snowmobiles

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Mesa County Search and Rescue snowmobile team trained at Vega State Park by running mock rescue missions.

The group of forty-two were split up in six different groups to find five staged victims along the trails on the mountain.

The groups were given one of three different methods to use in finding their victims while concentrating on attraction.

Attraction is a technique involving sound. The rescuers will whistle or hale out into the open in hopes of hearing sounds from the victim they are searching for. Once the rescuers hear the victim, they are able to hoan in to where they are located.

Search and Rescue says no two missions are the same, so each mission and then every day of training prepares them for the next real life call for help.

Vega State Park also held a snowmobile class while Search and Rescue trained.

The class taught anyone from the age nine and older about snowmobiling and safety. The lessons also included a lesson about the winter and survival during freezing nights.

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