Steve King Announces He Will Run For Re-Election

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State Representative Steve King, (R) Grand Junction, announced Saturday that is is planning on running for his seat again in 2008.

Surrounded by supporters and other local leaders, King says he still has a lot of work he wants to do in the State Legislature.

He says he wants to continue his work with law enforcement safety and illegal immigration, and look at becoming more involved in other areas like energy, health care, education, and water rights.

During his announcement, King said he wants to continue fighting for the people he represents, against what he calls a tax and spend government controlled by the Democrats.

He says he is confident that when people look at his voting record, they will continue to support him.

"I realize Colorado is facing challenges," said King. "I want to be part of those solutions and solving those problems."

King made a separate announcement for his constituents in Delta County.

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