A New Year Will Hopefully Bring a New Look to Thunder Moutain Speedway

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Sean Gibbs is the new owner of the Thunder Moutain Speedway in Olathe and wants to give the place a facelift.

Gibbs is reaching out into the community for help from businesses.

Gibbs would like to lay concrete to make the speedway more handicap accessible because he knows all too well the difficulties of only gravel, since he himself is in a wheelchair.

Other areas of the speedway looking for improvements are the concessions, fences, electric wiring, bleachers, landscaping, fabrication, and more.

Gibbs is not looking for all free handouts though, he is hoping companies will lend their time and supplies and in return, Gibbs will advertise for them. It's all about giving and receiving at the Thunder Mountain Speedway.

If you are interested in helping out Gibbs and the speedway, you can email him at TMS@GJLive.com or log onto the website at TMSpeedway.com linked below.

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