Lawmaker Kicks Photog, Agrees to Take Oath in Small Ceremony

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Denver (AP) New Republican state lawmaker Douglas Bruce brought a bible to the legislature today, then kicked a photographer for taking his picture during the morning prayer.

But Bruce didn't get the swearing-in ceremony, with the full House in attendance, that he demanded.

Bruce agreed to take the oath of office later when the house wasn't in session, which is standard practice for midterm appointees. Fellow Republicans threatened to give the open seat to someone else if Bruce didn't take the oath by the end of the day Monday.

It wasn't clear if that was a factor in his decision to back down.

Bruce got upset when a Rocky Mountain News photographer took his picture during a prayer.

Bruce then brought his heel down on the photographer's bent knee.

Bruce offered no explanation or apology as the photographer left. Rocky Mountain News Editor John Temple said the photographer had a right to take Bruce's picture.

Temple said he would discuss the incident with House leadership.

Bruce was chosen last month to fill a vacant house seat but waited to take the oath until today, now that the unexpired term is more than half over, so he'll be eligible to serve eight more years under term limits.

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