Judge Refuses to Suppress Statements by Agent in Database Case

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Denver (AP) A federal judge has denied a request to suppress some statements made by an immigration agent accused of improperly giving information to a political campaign.

The judge ruled that Cory Voorhis' remarks to his supervisors could be used in a trial, even though Voorhis had initially invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and refused to talk.

Voorhis testified in a hearing in Denver Federal Court he relented and talked to his bosses only because he feared he would be fired if he didn't.

But Judge John Kane said Voorhis' superiors never ordered him to waive his Fifth Amendment rights when they asked follow-up questions.

Voorhis is accused of giving information from a restricted federal crime database to the campaign of Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bob Beauprez. Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland ran as Beauprez’ Lt. Governor.

Beauprez, a former congressman, lost the election to Governor Bill Ritter, a Democrat.