DA: No Charges Against Student for Posting YouTube Video, Girl in Tape to go Through Juvie Program

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The District Attorney says a Central High School student who captured an alleged bullying incident on his camcorder and posted it to YouTube will not face harassment charges. But a teen involved in the alleged bullying is being reprimanded by the District Attorney’s Office. DA Pete Hautzinger says the teenage girl that was taped throwing a bottle at the victim and fighting her will have to go through a juvie program. The program will include counseling and community service.

The student who shot the video, 15-year-old Chris Robinson, was suspended in December after school officials learned of the tape. Robinson's mother, Renee Waltz, says she’s happy with the District Attorney’s Office, but still plans to file a lawsuit against School District 51 because she says it infringed on her son’s freedom of speech.