Jury: Lincoln Guilty On All Charges

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Sam Lincoln is awaiting sentencing after a jury found him guilty of nearly a dozen charges including two counts of attempted murder.

Lincoln was found guilty of 11 charges:
Attempted fist degree murder
Attempted second degree murder
(2 counts) First degree assault on a peace officer
(2 Counts) Menacing with a deadly weapon
(2) Reckless endangerment
Obstructing a peace officer
Prohibited use of a weapon
Vehicular eluding

After just hours of deliberation Thursday the jury returned the verdict.

Lincoln was facing charges from December 1, 2005 when he was a passenger in a vehicle that led deputies on a high speed chase and shot at Mesa County deputies Tanya Brechlin and Mike Miller. He escaped but was later found in Garfield County.

Last month a jury found Lincoln guilty of attempted first-degree murder in the shooting of James Finnegan.

Lincoln remains behind bars. He is scheduled to be back in court for sentencing on both cases on January 25th.

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