Good Samaritan Killed was Always One to Help Others

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A family is mourning the loss of a loved one. Christina Sterling-Soffel was driving on I-70 when she stopped to help a stranded motorist. While she was crossing the interstate she was struck and killed by a truck.

Her husband Michael says she was constantly helping others in need. He also says he doesn't blame the driver of the truck that killed his new bride and wants him to know he doesn't harbor anger or any ill will toward him. In fact, he hopes the driver is doing well.

Christina's father wrote a letter to her, which he shared with 11 News, telling her how much she meant to him and how he wishes he could have said so before she died. At the end of the letter Christina's father says, "Be well baby, know that I will make the best of my time here honoring and cherishing your memory. I will to the best of my abilities look after those you left behind. I love you with every fabric of my soul. Dad."

The crash is still under investigation.

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