One Family Working to Preserve KREX History

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When KREX was destroyed so were thousands of photos, archive video tapes, and historic documents, but not everything is gone that represents the founding of broadcasting in the valley.

Newell Hoskin says he was heartbroken to watch the station burn.
Hoskin's father–in–law, Rex Howell, founded the TV station in the 1950's.

Hoskin says he's working to preserve the history of the station, so he's writing a book about Howell. He says Howell is to thank for the foundations of broadcasting in the Grand Valley.

KFXJ was built in 1927 and originally carried a radio broadcast. It wasn't until the early 50's that Howell switched to television.

Hoskin said it was the station employees' idea to name the station after the founder. The "R–E–X" in KREX was named after the Rex Howell.

Howell worked in broadcasting for 50 years.

Hoskin says Howell would have been upset to see the building go up in flames, but would have pressed on and rebuilt.

KREX managers say they'll do just that. General Manager Ron Tillery says they are trying to salvage what they can. He says they lost a lot of the archives, but they have found some items that are still entact.

Hoskin says he'll never know how many historic items were lost in the fire, but one thing that will never be taken away is the legacy of his father-in-law.

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