Colorado Man Convicted of Murder Freed on DNA Evidence

A Colorado man convicted of murder is out of prison thanks to new DNA evidence that points to another suspect.

After spending nine and a half years behind bars, 35–year–old Timothy Masters was released Tuesday morning.

A jury sentenced him to life in prison in 1999 for the murder of a woman whose body was found near his home.

The murder happened a decade earlier when Masters was 15 years old.

Applause broke out in the courtroom as the hearing ended.

"I just want to thank my family and my friends who stuck with me all these years, without their support, i don't know if i could have made it through this," Masters said.

Peggy Hettrick, a manager at a woman's clothing store, was found stabbed and sexually mutilated in a field.

New tests showed DNA found on the victim's clothing was not from masters but from someone else.

Masters is due back in court on February 5, when he will learn if the prosecution will file any new charges in the case, but a legal analyst says new charges are unlikely.