Governor Wants Paper Ballots For 2008 Elections

On Wednesday Governor Bill Ritter announced he wants the entire state to use paper ballots instead of electronic voting machines for this November's election.

Ritter says he supports new bi–partisan legislation that would allow voters to cast their paper ballots by mail, during early voting or on election day at the polls.

At a press conference the governor said our democracy depends not only on people's ability to vote but on their confidence that every vote does in fact count.

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Janice Rich says the Governor's decision is irresponsible. She says it's disappointing that he would want to go down that road because there's another bill that's been introduced that would allow the retesting of the voting equipment Mesa County already has.

She says the county is not equipped to do paper based polling and she wouldn't even know where to get the proper equipment to do it because it's all been decertified.

Rich says the Governor's plan could also end up costing tax payers around $1million.

In December, Secretary of State Mike Coffman decertified 75 percent of the states electronic voting equipment.