Woman Crashes Car Through Fence and Onto Runway

airport runway

A woman was trying to find her way onto a taxi way, when she should have been finding her way to a taxi.

Just before three am this morning, 36 year old Jamie Bowden was driving her car, and made her way onto the runway at Grand Junction Regional Airport.

Police think she crashed through a fence around the perimeter of the airport, and wound up on the runway.

Air traffic controllers contacted Grand Junction Police that there was an unauthorized person driving on the runway.

Grand Junction Police showed up and found her near the Twin Otter hanger.

They believe the woman was drunk.

They transported her to Saint Mary's for a blood alcohol test.
Her car was towed away.

She was arrested and is facing several charges including driving under the influence, driving with a revoked license because of a prior DUI and second degree trespassing.

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