New K-9 Dog for Grand Junction

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Ludo, a German Shepherd, is the newest addition to the Grand Junction Police Department. Ludo is from the Netherlands.

Sergeant Stan Ancell is the head of the GJPD K-9 unit. He says most of the dogs they receive are from Europe.

Ludo will officially join the force sometime in April. He will be responsible drug detection, apprehension duty, school demonstrations, and other search responsibilities.

The GJPD K-9 unit was deployed 379 times in 2006 and had 147 drug detections and 60 criminal apprehensions.

A special ceremony was held to introduce Ludo, and at the ceremony the Grand Valley Veterinary Emergency Center presented the GJPD a check for $7,400. This will go towards the cost of training Ludo. Sgt. Ancell says the average cost for training is around $10,000.

GJPD deployed its first K-9 unit in 1986. The department currently has 3 dogs on staff.

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