Blizzard Conditions On the Roads

A warning from the National Weather Service to pass along tonight,
forecasters say there are blizzard conditions in the southwest part of the state through midnight tonight.

Ice and snowpacked roads, along with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour in the San Juans could make driving treacherous and lead to whiteouts.

A 1,000 foot wide avalanche has closed US 550 at Silverton.

Weather is also making the roads impassible at Red Mountain Pass on US 550 and Colorado 145 at Lizard Head Pass. No word on when those roads will reopen.

Loveland pass is also closed and forecasters say the high winds could span as far east as Georgetown.

Highway 65 on the Grand Mesa is closed south of Powderhorn because of the potential of an avalanche. CDOT says it should reopen tomorrow afternoon.

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