Grand Valley Power Student of the Week

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Plateau Valley School Senior Danny Nichols says physics is one of his favorite school subjects. He also enjoys math. Which is good because he wants to earn a degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Wyoming.

Nichols has a grade point average of 3.9 and, with his college courses added in, it comes to 4.07. While he says he isn't a huge people person, his fellow students and teachers disagree.

Nichols says he knows a lot of families and people in the town of Collbran, where he goes to school. His father and grandmother also attended Plateau Valley School.

Nichols plays soccer at Palisade High School under a program that allows students from smaller schools to participate in sports at larger school with sports programs. Nichols says he will run track this year, and says he mostly runs short sprints like the 200 and 400 meter.

When Nichols is not studying or playing sports, he likes to hike the property his family owns and has even started a small collection of Native American arrowheads he found while hiking there.