Car Registration Fee Hike Proposal

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Governor Bill Ritter is proposing legislation to increase car registration fees in order to to help pay for road and bridge repairs.

The proposal would increase car registration fees an average of $100. Coloradans currently pay an average of $142 for their annual vehicle registration.

The legislation would raise $500 million for road and bridge repairs if passed.

Local State Senator Josh Penry is not in favor of the bill. Penry says, "If you're going to raise people's taxes in Colorado you have an obligation to ask them at the ballot box. It would have a hard time selling. It's not very creative and a lot of states are looking for more creative ways and I think Colorado needs to do the same."

Penry is upset with Governor Ritter over the fact he is not proposing the legislation to the public for a vote. Penry says according to the Tax Payer's Bill of Rights, the governor should abide by that mandate.

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